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Mike Clare's Projects: Teaching History with iBooks

For God, King, and Country: World War One

IBA Award Finalist Using historical and critical thinking skills, this collection is an aggregate of materials designed to assist students in developing their own historical understanding of Canada and Newfoundland’s role in World War One.

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The iBook is designed as a preparation exercise for both Canadian and American students studying the American Revolution. Students are randomly assigned a character; and in character, look at the causes of the revolution. Based on evidence, the learner decides if their character would support the cause or not. Students must employ historical and critical thinking skills, while looking at the events leading up to the revolution, to make an informed decision. This work includes numerous primary documents and interactive elements. A teacher’s guide accompanies the resource with a few suggested activities. 1776: Should I Stay or Go? is designed to complement resources while encouraging the students to think like an historian. This is a beta edition.

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People For The Prairies

Through the use of a random generator students are randomly assigned a character thinking of immigrating to Canada between the years 1880 to 1914. In character the student must decide, based on the evidence provided, should their character settle in the Canadian Prairie West? This digital resource employs role-play and digital literacy to teach historical thinking and critical skills.

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The Spanish Flu Epidemic 1918 - 1919: Stepping Out With the Spanish Lady

The Spanish Flu Epidemic 1918 - 1919: Stepping Out With the Spanish Lady is an interactive look at the Spanish Flu integrating historical and critical thinking skills. Students are given a “digital box” with folders or categories of information. Using the folders and merging the skills of historical and critical thinking, students must create their own meaning and generate a narrative for the Spanish Flu. This resource comes with a teacher’s guide.

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1812: Who Won the War?

Brian McClean and Others

1812: Who Won the War? is an interactive resource designed to create a dynamic and engaging experience in American and Canadian classrooms. This exceptional digital tool enhances the study of a war that shaped the future of the United States and Canada.

1812: Who Won the War? encourages teachers to make the study of history a verb; that is, for students to “do history” in the same way that students “do science.” It meshes with mandated social studies curricula in all 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces. Extensive field-testing has demonstrated that the ebook’s interactive characteristics allow a broad range of students – Grades 6 to 12 - to successfully use 1812: Who Won the War?

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